Recent changes to site and announcements

  1. New page for Wednesday morning runs
  2. New page for Thursday nights at the pub
  3. New page for VMCC/MHP events in 2019
  4. VMCC/MHP events for 2018 updated
  5. New VMCC in general videos page.
  6. Manchester – High Peak videos in videos section.
  7. Interesting articles from Bob Rodgerson in member articles section.
  8. Article from BMF on Avon Roadrider tyre safety. See Miscellaneous Interest section. Includes video links.
  9. BSA and Norton works by Derrick. See members section – member articles.
  10. Online journal on main VMCC site. See and enter membership number and surname. Then members area and select online journal. There are issues dating back to¬†October 2015 online. Try it. It’s good.
  11. Also other good VMCC sites added. See Miscellaneous Interest and VMCC other sections for links. 1000 bikes, shop and historic racing sites.
  12. Don’t forget. Any interesting articles Manchester and High Peak section members would like to publish on the website, or featured bikes etc; e-mail them to me or hand me details at the club, and I’ll do the work of loading them up as I get time. Selwyn

Last site update: 14/02/2019